Tuesday, January 5, 2016


Magic is chaos in the void,
A ripple in the void,
The vibrating void magically appears,
And transforms itself into everything that exists.
An evolutionary process.
That which comes together
Keeps on vibrating.
That which vibrates exists.
Energy is vibrations or movement of the void,
No longer a void but a vibrating void.
No longer a void but existence.

Imagine spinning energy into a string,
Then spinning that string into a ball
A ball of energy.
A Quantum knot.
This is what matter is.
The universe spins this string
And weaves the web of existence.

The dictionaries have it all wrong.
Magic is not supernatural or the manipulating of reality.
It is natural and the transformation of reality.
It is nature unfolding.
It's happening all around us.
Magicians are not humans that pull rabbits out of a hat,
Nature itself is the magician.
Science is not the antonym of magic,
But the study of and investigation of that which is not understood.
It is, the study of the magician.

David Yanez

Archival Pigment Print on Canvas
26" x 37"

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