Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Tango of Yin and Yang: A Dance Between Two Lovers

The Universe is beyond reason
Beyond a unified theory of everything
It defies scientific certainty
It eludes string theory, M-theory
And most certainly eluded Einstein

The Universe is beyond faith
Beyond religion
It defies the certainty of a God creator
It eludes the Bible, the Torah and the Koran
And most certainly eluded the Buddha

It is unpredictable yet self-organizing
Unintelligent yet gives rise to intelligence
It evolved from that which was not
Into that which is and will be

To experience is the goal
Coming together is its means
Complexity is the key
Unification is its strength

It lives through every atom
It lives through every star
It lives through every conceivable form and mind
It lives to experience what you take for granted
It lives, through you and it lives through me

It is a battle of the opposites
Between existence and non-existence
Born of one another
In a dance of being and non-being
Destruction and creation

It is the tango of Yin and Yang
A dance between two lovers
A dance of love and passion
The eternal infinite primordial couple
Moving they are the Tao

Together give birth to ten thousand beings
To live, to love, to be loved
To dance in the face of destruction
To create in the face of hopelessness
To come together in the face of insurmountable odds
To experience the Tango of Yin and Yang
This thing you call existence

David Yanez

"The Tango Of Yin and Yang: A Dance Between Two Lovers" 
Acrylic on Canvas  
54" x 72"

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