Tuesday, January 5, 2016

"We Are The Universe"

I am the light and the dark.
Creation and destruction.
Both being and nonbeing.
Both life and death.
Both the good and the evil.

Some call me the void
While others call me the cosmos.
I am the Yin and the Yang
The Tao or the Way
I am Brahman, Yahweh, Allah and the Christ.

I am the light of the world
Both Nirvana and Samsara
I am the fear one feels when the darkness it befalls.
Or the rise of the dawn when new hope takes hold.
I am both enlightenment and ignorance.

You can see me in the mirror
When you look into your eyes.
I am the universe.
It is what you are.
We are the universe

How you perceive both the light and the dark,
Determines how you define and express them.
In the end, the dark can never consume the light,
Nor the light the dark.
We are the primordial opposites.

We are the universe.

David Yanez

We Are The Universe
Archival Pigment Print on Canvas
18" x 36" 

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